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Collector Spotlight: Henry aka Hychang5

Henry (hobbykingsID: hychang5) is a well known collector of Michael Jordan cards. He has some of the most prized 90’s inserts of MJ, as well as a nice diverse collection of other stars such as Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and LeBron James. Check out his site,, which includes images of his collection in his photobucket!

Although he has slowed down collecting MJ stuff, he still has one of the most impressive collections I have seen!

I had a chance to speak with Henry, and here are his answers to 23 QUESTIONS:

1 how long have you been collecting MJ?
Since 1991, Upper Deck got me hooked on cards. Although his major card then was the baseball rookie. I had been a fan of Jordan before I started collecting cards.

2 what are your favorite 5 cards?
It’s really hard to choose five favorites because I really love them all, but I guess a few highlights would be these:

98-99 Skybox Premium Rubies #23/50, for the look and the serial number

97-98 Finest Gold Embossed Refractor, it was a dream card of mine

97-98 SP Authentic Sign of the Times, my favorite non-gu auto of him ever

99-00 NBA Legends Legendary Jersey Autographs, my favorite GU auto that I own

96-97 Flair Showcase Legacy Row 0, my favorite base card in one of my favorite parallel sets

3 top 3 on your want list?
97-98 Game Jersey Autograph, 97-98 Metal Precious Metal Gems Green,

02-03 Upper Deck Logomania Autograph 1/1

4 any unique stories of acquiring certain cards?
Not really, but I was surprised how the cards I acquired had traveled around the world so much. Thank goodness for the internet because my Jordans came from places like Taiwan, China, Japan, Puerto Rico, Australia amongst others!

5 how many jordan cards do you have? (ball park figure)
Counting my base cards, probably around 400.

6 do you prefer chinese food or italian food?
You got me, Italian Food.

7 have you ever seen him play during his carer? share details or memories…
No, that is my one regret. I only got to see him on television. As far as memories go though, the first time I saw the double clutch layup against the Lakers I went nuts.

8 can you showcase any memorabilia (UDA stuff, bulls season tickets, magazines etc…)
I only a have a few here:

9 the longest it has taken to acquire a card on your want list? details or story..
Probably the 97-98 Diamond Dimensions. I had already acquired most of the rarer cards like the Showcase Legacies, older autographs, Rubies but still could not find this one. It was one of the last pieces I added to my collection.

10 your thoughts of jordan as an owner of bobcats
It’s a little early to judge right now. Great teams don’t come that quickly.

11 your thoughts of jordan as a gm of wizards
Well, Jordan was never afraid to fail. Unfortunately I think he failed as a GM here.

12 your favorite pair of jordan shoes? (even if you don’t own any)
It’s got to be the original I

13 your most memorable jordan commerical?
I really loved the Jordan vs Jordan commercial

14 is there a card set which you wish jordan was a part of? (either insert set, auto set or jersey/patch set, etc…)
The original Skybox Autographics. We’ve had some really talented people do mock-ups on if they existed, but that would have been legendary if it had existed (aside from it being impossible due to UD exclusivity). The later ones released by Upper Deck were horrible with the sticker autos.

15 your top 3 favorite jordan jerseys? (red away, home white, black alt, a certain all star jersey, wizards stuff, etc…)
The Teal 1996 AS Jersey, tacky as it may be, Jordan made that uniform look good! I also really love the original red he wore as a rookie and the black with red pinstripe.

16 do you own an MJ rookie card?
No, it’s still a card I plan to own one day though.

17 your favorite NON insert, jersey, patch, auto card?
Probably the 96-97 Flair Row 0 card, it’s really gorgeous on it’s own.

18 which nba title run is the most memorable?
The one after he came back from retirement. That run pretty much cemented the fact that he was the greatest. Nobody has convinced me otherwise yet.

19 you top 3 favorite NON mj players, ever..?
Magic Johnson, Kobe

20 favorite MJ teammate?
Scottie Pippen – even though he’s been having some weird moments lately

21 how many cities around the world/us have you been to?
roughly 15

22 favorite 3 movies?
Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, and Harold & Kumar go to White Castle (yeah, I said it!)

23 blake lively, jessica alba, megan fox or OTHER?
I’m greedy cause I want all three But gimme Blake and I’d be happy!