Welcome to Hupe Royalty: Jordan Edition

My name is Michael. I’ve blogged for basketball cards for several years now. In 2007 (I think) I started a blog called Which Way Is Sprngfield? where I tracked autograph cards of NBA players. In 2008 (I think) I started a blog called Hupe Royalty which revolved around those same things as my previous blog, but also evolved to include 90’s insert and Michael Jordan cards and general basketball/hobby talk. I started this in blog in June of 2011 to focus more specifically on Michael Jordan inserts.

I am a Michael Jordan fan at heart, who happens to enjoy collecting .jpgs now over collecting actual cardboard. I don’t collect in the physical sense, but I am still passionate about basketball cards and this hobby now as much, if not more, than I was when I was a kid/teen.

As a disclaimer, I just want to advise anyone who visits this blog that it is a hobby of mine, to keep up with Michael Jordan card prices. I have no vested in interest in the buying/selling of the cards. I do this for my own pleasure and if collectors find value in it as a resource, then that is wonderful. I do not cater to what they think this blog SHOULD or SHOULD NOT offer for the Jordan collecting/buying public.

There are a group of collectors that feel that I am linked up to ebay sellers who sell Jordan cards. They feel that I use this blog to promote specific sellers cards and create and inflated market and unnatural prices.

I can’t change these people’s minds as they are pretty set in their beliefs. However, if you have never met me, debated with me, seen my posts on many basketball card message boards, I can only offer you my word that I created this blog with no deceitful intentions toward creating any kind of artificial market for Michael Jordan 90’s inserts. Whether you choose to believe that or not is your decision.

Here are a few people who believe I am in cohoots with ebay sellers and am purposely trying to deceive collectors into paying inflated ebay prices on Michael Jordan cards:

Freedom Card Board: gio, wbonus
Blow Out Cards: SportsItUpCards, Orangejello727
OzCard Trader: Basketball

With that said, I don’t doubt these people’s beliefs that the ebay market on Jordan cards includes some dubious sellers, who may be shilling/inflating or otherwise creating a market where some cards are not exchanging hands at the prices stated in the completed auctions.

Since I do not have the inclination to breakdown and verify every single auction I screen cap, I advise everyone that the screencaps I provide may not all be legitimate. If you purchase Jordan cards, and use Hupe Royalty to help you determine how much you are going to pay, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. I make no claims that these completed sales are all legitimate. DO MORE RESEARCH as to what you feel is fair value for the cards you are buying. worthpoint.com and terrapeak.com offer paid services to view completed ebay auctions in detail. I highly suggest you view them.

Happy Collecting!

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