THE CAUTIONARY LIST: Corruptness in the Jordan Market

There is a segment of the collecting population on online message boards that urges caution when looking at the completed sales on ebay. Some collectors say that the market on ebay is filled with crooked sellers, shillers, non paying bidders and otherwise corrupt people looking to capitalize on ignorant bidders. This area is my attempt to take those opinions of others, and centralize it.

I do admit that there are dubious sales on ebay, but I don’t know how to conclusively say that this seller or that seller is one to avoid. Instead, I’ll make this list as a list of caution, and if you anyone decides to bid on sellers’ auctions on this list, do so at your own risk. I am not promoting them nor am I accusing them. Read the information below and come up with your own conclusion.

I have been accused by several board members around the ‘net of helping/collaborating or otherwise being involved with several people on this list, so again, use your own judgement if you decide to believe anything I say.

Here are various threads from around basketball card message boards that debate the honesty of the completed sales reflected on ebay, of Michael Jordan insert cards:
(note that I am involved in many of these discussions, under the board names: m1000, emeyeceeone, michael, EM1000, mONETHOUSAND, huperoyalty, etc…)

This list will always be in progress…
(if there is anyone associated with these threads feels like their name is being wrongly accused or discussed, I welcome you to email me if you would like to address accusations and/or help clarify statements made by others that you feel are incorrect. Email me at

Jordan /100,

98-99 Michael Jordan Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems $8,438.61? REALLY?!?!,

jordan inserts SKEPTICS: your opinions wanted!,

Seller asking members to shill his rare Jordan 90’s inserts!

Ebay Seller ajbm and a Suspicious Bidder

Rant/Discussion … eBay/shill bidders/BGS/scammers

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