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The Ceiling and Floor on Michael Jordan 90’s Inserts

In my opinion, daveduffield from Hobby Kings provides some of the best analysis regarding Michael Jordan inserts. He often backs his thoughts up with loads of data. Here’s his explanation on why we often see rare Jordan cards receive multiple bids as soon as they are listed on ebay:

“Thats one of the differences between the high-end and the middle- to lower-end-markets. In the high-end market it is very common for collectors to set a certain price floor immediately, because a) they dont think card is going to go for a lower price anyway, and b) if indeed they should get that card, they would take it all day for a (floor)-price like that. So, that behaviour is not just common in the MJ-area, but for other cards as well. Take some high priced non-Jordan basketball cards out of the last 2 weeks from eBay:

Kobe 1997/98 E-X2001 KOBE BRYANT CREDENTIALS #/73 BGS 9.5 – was trading at 2.000 USD + less then 24 hours after being listed
Kevin Durant Exquisite Gold AU RC /35 – received a 2.222 USD bid less then 24 hours after being listed.
Btw, many early bidders come back towards the close of the auction with their “real” bid.

Such behaviour also has the advantage, that the seller is less likely to pull his auction. The latter happens all the time and it can be frustrating for a high-end buyer to see that business practice, especially with rare cards, that come up once or twice a year only. For example, if the bid for an estimated 3.000 USD card is immediately pumped up to 2.000 USD, the seller will hardly be talked into a, lets say a 2.000 USD-deal. But such a 2.000 USD deal could easily happen, if the seller sees his card not moving at all for days in the low hundreds-area. If he sees his card at 400 USD with 2 days to go, he will much easier let go his card for 2.000 USD. But he very likely will not, if, at the same time, his card already approached 2.000 USD thanks to some early bidders.”

Developing Story: Jordan23 and wegotstock99

There is a developing story on Sports Card Forum, regarding an ebay deal gone bad between Ray (SportsCardForumID: jordan23) and Marc (SportsCardForumID: wegotstock99). I believe this revolves around a high end Michael Jordan card, sold at $8000+.

Synopsis so far:
Ray (Jordan23) said:
“Sent via EMS. He claimed never received, but tracking fully says he received the card. Ended up cutting a whole in the mailer, taking the card out and using return to sender, then created credit card charge-back.”

Marc (Wegotstock99) said:
“I called paypal and my credit card company and explained them my story they notified me to refuse the delivery which I Did. I never received the delivery and it was Refused.”

The thread currently has 3 pages and 569 views.

8:04PM, Friday June 30: MAJOR UPDATE!
jrsmith_23 has set up a post on ebay , detailing the bad transactions between the two of them. see here!
The post states:

“Hi Jordan Collectors… This is Bond_girl_Amy_Australia …
I want to let all Jordan collectors know that these cards listed have been STOLEN and have been REPORTED to the AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE!!!!
(November, 2010) I sold the 3 x Jordan Bgs 9.5 cards to WEGOTSTOCK9*9. He refused to accept the package and issued a credit card chargeback.
When i recieved the package back in Australia it was EMPTY!!! Reported to Australian Federal Police
(March, 2011) My Friend Ray Chung (Ebay id JR_SMITH23) sold a 1998 Precious Metal Gem 38/50 to WEGOTSTOCK9*9. He refused to accept the package and issued a credit card chargeback.
When Ray recieved the package back Australia it was EMPTY!!!! Reported to Australian Federal Police
Please Let me Know if you See these cards. I just want to let everyone know the truth they have been stolen by a SCAMMER!!!
Yes this person i refer to has 100% feedback, only beacuse he doesn’t sell items.. He rips Innocent people off!!!! and loves making up lies on FORUMS!!
The Australian Federal Police Know of him!!!”

So, as I understand it…
Bond_girl_Amy_Australia = amy
jordan_patch23, jrsmith_23 = ray
wegotstock = marc

Follow more conversation about it on here on Hobby Kings.

Here are images of the cards in question, along with the card at the top of this post, which are easily over $10,000 worth of cards.

Wanna talk cards? COME THRU!

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The Most Watched Michael Jordan Inserts Currently on Ebay

I have added a new link along the right side of this blog, found by clicking the ebay link. This link leads to, a terrific site that enables you to search for the most watched items in any category you want.

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