SportsItUpCards, you are a clown.  Go fuck yourself, Giovanni Azzarelli.  Keep my name out of your mouth.



Michael Jordan One of Ones, 1/1’s, Masterpieces WANTED!

Have you got a Michael Jordan One of One, 1/1,  Masterpiece from the 90’s?  I’m talking Flair Showcase, Metal Universe, Upper Deck, Ultra Masterpiece and any other ones that were produced in the mid to late-nineties. Well, if you have one and you’re looking to sell, I have been contacted by a Michael Jordan collector who is looking to throw down…

$50,000 CASH.

This collector is pretty serious and if you’ve got the cards, I can get you in touch with someone who would like to get a hold of one of these super cards.  Please email Mike at and I can disclose further information about the buyer and put you guys in communication to hammer out  the details.

January 2012 note:  the image above, a 1998 Metal Gem Master Michael Jordan,  was sold for $2,508.23 on 4/15/07.

The hypocrite known as SportsItUpCards, Giovanni Azzarelli

I recently saw a post on Blowoutcards, from the dumbass that is SportsItUpCards, Gio.  He is asking other collectors their opinion of the sale of a 1997 Ultra Platinum Medallion 98 Greats.

He fails to mention anywhere that the real reason he is asking about the card is that he owns one and probably is trying to gauge current market value to eventually sell.

Personally, I find nothing wrong with the technique of discussing a card (to gain attention to it) and subsequently listing it on ebay.  It’s good salesmanship.

However, seeing as how the source is Gio, it is extremely ironic, since he is so quick to condemn others when they do the same thing.

Here is his post, via OzCardTrader.  Coincidentally, he has already removed the picture of the back of the card, so as not to share he serial #.



RECORD HIGH: 1997 SPx Grand Finale /50

1997 SPx Grande Finale /50  $4,338.78  3/31/13

I saw this recently and this is the highest I think I have seen it for.  Admittedly, I haven’t tracked Jordan cards much lately though.

This exact card was previously listed in early March and ended at $4,700+.  It was listed by the same seller that sold this, so we’ll see if this holds up or is re-listed again.

The seller is jchicago.


I’m Back.

I’ll be posting more regularly here once again.  Jordan sales, talk etc.


M1000 Custom Card: Michael Jordan Silhouettes


Here’s a custom card I created of the two hottest things in the hobby, 2012.

Mr. Anti-Michael Jordan.


Here’s the extraordinary, Giovanni, aka Sportsitupcards.  He thinks Michael Jordan 90’s inserts should be worth what they were selling for, four years ago.  And he likes Panini’s Silhouettes.

Someone give this man a cookie.

1997 Metal Precious Metal Gems /100 $14K!!!!

So, I’m on my way to San Francisco for the Tri Star show at the Cow Palace.  I haven’t been to a show in years.  I’m pretty excited.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, though I am still screencapping sales consistently.  Here’s a Michael Jordan 1997 Metal Precious Metal Gems Red /100 that was recently sold for nearly $14,000 on ebay.  Six different bidders put in a bid over $10,000.

Auction number:  310392783138