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WHOA! Old Sales From The Past

A few months ago, Michael Jordan collector, Jan (who’s eBay name slips my mind at the moment) hooked me up with a ton of data on Jordan inserts that he had been tracking since 2006. I recently came across the data last night and wanted to share a few highlights:

1997 Upper Deck All Star Game Used Jersey card
$685, March 20, 2007.

1997 Upper Deck All Star Game Used Jersey card
$658, October 4, 2007.

1998 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems 45/50
$428, December 14, 2007.

There are many other sales that I have yet to filter through, but these three definitely caught my eye. Four years later, these prices are laughable.

RECORD HIGH: 1997 Z-Force Rave /399 UNGRADED

This is the third different Z-Force insert that has reached for a Hupe Royalty JE record high price for the month of January.  Last month, seller 1_srekal sold one on December 1st for $400.  This sale represents a 7% increase over that previous high.  The December sale was won by redjersey23 (formerly known as lilys_cardworld)  who is also known as a Jordan insert seller.  Look for that card to possibly be re-sold sometime down the line.

This auction included 21 bids and was won by r***8, who also won the 1997 Z-Force Zuperman Rave /399 for a record high price of $440.98, as stated a few posts below.

RECORD HIGH: 1997 Z-Force Rave Review GRADED

January 2012 is turning out to be a dizzy month tracking high sales on Michael Jordan inserts.  This graded BGS 9.5 of Michael Jordan’s 1997 Z-Force Rave Review topples the July 5, 2011 sale by 88swagger88 (now known as jordan_gems) of $280 on a BGS 9.5.  I have not seen another BGS 9.5 offered since that July sale (five months have passed), so the high price may be a result of the scarcity on this unnumbered card.  The auction ended with 23 bids and the high bidder, 0***3 has a feedback score of 40.

RECORD HIGH: 1997 Z-Force Zuperman Rave /399 UNGRADED

The weekend has allowed me to slowly back track sales that have occurred over the last few weeks in January, and I am continuously discovering record high prices on various Michael Jordan inserts.  While I have yet to validate the winning bidder, this $440 sale  of this ungraded 1997 Z-Force Zuperman Rave /399 topps any previous high I had recorded in 2011.  There were 17 bids and the winning bidder r***8 has a feedback of over 6000.  Awaiting feedback.

Hey, That Looks Familiar!

UPDATED: February 3, 2012: The buyer left positive feedback, so it looks like I am completely wrong on my opinion. I apologize to the seller.

I have learned to minimize my responses toward the Jordan naysayers and those who attack me because of their belief that I am part of some corrupt ring of people who are looking to take advantage of innocent collectors.  In most instances on message board now, I rarely post Jordan thoughts and limit my contributions to the stuff I post on Hobby Kings.

So, while they are (at least 2 years later…) still spreading false info that I do this and do that, I hope that the readers of my blog realize that I do this because I find it fun, and when I feel there is caution to be recognized, I will undoubtedly share  that as well.  I am not part of some ring to scam people, as Orangejello727, SportsItUpCards, Nissandriver7777 and others have accused.

The following auction immediately caught my eye on ebay because the image used by the seller looked mighty familiar.  Once I clicked on it, I knew that the auction was most likely not legit.  He grabbed the A Cut Above image from my blog, which of course, I grabbed from another auction so many months or years ago.  Once I clicked his auction link, it didn’t surprise me to see that seller 0381.adams has ZERO feedback.

Now, I could be entirely wrong, and this seller MAY have this card.  He may simply not have a scanner or digital camera and chose to use the image from the Hupe Royalty blog.  He may be selling a $500 card as his very first transaction on ebay.  Maybe I’m all wrong.  In this case though, I have a good feeling that I’m not.


Just SOLD for $18,250.00!!!

The current view count is 17,000+ with 635 replies.  EPIC. Who would have guessed that three words and one VERY large number could create quite the madness online?  Hupe Royalty friend, Jun, aka rare23air83 incited a near meltdown among all the lunatic naysayers of the Michael Jordan Insert Market when he shared his sale of a 1997 Finest Gold Embossed Refractor /74 BGS 9.5 for nearly 20K. The price easily is the top Jordan sale of the last 12 months, (not counting Jordan autograph/memorabilia sales) and the incredible sale surely brought out multiple opinions among card collectors.

Record High: 1996 EX-2000 Essential Credentials /499 GRADED

The most recent sale of Michael Jordan’s 1996 EX-2000 Essential Credentials /499 PSA 9 topped out at over $1,100.  This easily supplanted the previous high of a graded version (BGS 9) sold at $860 in July 2011 by gradest-sportscards.  The $1,144 sale is approximately a 33% increase over the July sale.  Significant. The last PSA 9 sale I recorded was a July 2011 by legacy_pmg_rubies at $777.

See all the previously tracked sales I have, here.