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RECORD HIGH: 1999 HoloGrfx Ausome Gold

I have tracked 12 sales of Michael Jordan’s 1999 HologGrfx Ausome Gold.  This most recent sale at over $100 easily outpaced any previous sale I recorded.  Ungraded copies have usually sold in the $60 range, with the previous high being $79 from a June sale last year from seller, arram1818.

See all recorded sales that I’ve tracked here.

Analysis: 1996 Bowman’s Best Atomic Refractor

Michael Jordan’s 1996 Bowman’s Best Atomic Refractor was part of an 80-card parallel set, seeded at 1:24.   I have tracked 18 sales of this card since last June, where 18 different sellers have offered this card.  There have been three BGS 9.5 sales, four BGS 9 sales and one each of a PSA 8 and 9.  Nine ungraded sales have occurred during that span.  Two to three copies have sold per month, although none sold in September 2011.

The highest graded sale came from rare23air83, who owned a BGS 9.5 that sold for $575 a few days ago.  The highest ungraded sale came from emoncards, with his $300 sale in late November last year.  Click here to see screen caps of all 18 auctions.

Michael Jordan 1991 Fleer Acrylic Wrapper Redemptions

In 1991, Fleer allowed collectors to purchase acrylic 3-D versions of cards from their base set. These cards were redeemable through a wrapper exchange program where collectors had to submit $4.99 and three wrappers (plus $0.50 tax) for any player of their liking.

These cards rarely appear on ebay and when they do, they tend to sell pretty well.  Michael Jordan has four variations (base card, all-star card, team leaders card, league leaders card) that usually sell in the thousands. I’ve seen sales anywhere from $1,000-$3,000+ depending on the grade and card.

Thanks to Michael Jordan collector Stan (ebayID: stacik1313), who submitted this picture to me to verify the story on how these cards were distributed. I can only assume that there weren’t many collectors who participated in this redemption process, as you only see these cards pop up a handful of times a year on ebay.

Finally, Home.

The first month of 2012 came and went in a blink of an eye. I spent the first two weeks traveling from California to Atlanta and back, only to come home for two nights to do laundry and see friends/family before I took off again for New York. After four weeks on the road, I finally came back two nights ago to the Bay Area for much needed rest.

My stay in New York was definitely not long enough.  Although I didn’t pick up any New York Knicks gear, I did grab this shirt from the Champs located in Times Square.

Next month: A trip to the Windy City and (hopefully) a chance to visit the United Center to watch the Bulls in person!
Random thoughts:

Some big sales and noteworthy sales surely has transpired in the last few weeks. Ebay consigner Prewarcardcollector recently auctioned off a ton of rare and BGS 9.5 graded cards that went for absurd money. Yes, there are people on Blow Out Cards and Hobby Kings who think he may have suspicious auctions, and whether they are right or wrong, the numbers ended at some pretty astonishing levels.

I plan on spending Sunday watching the Super Bowl, and capturing all the significant sales on ebay completed auctions from the past 30 days, so look out for some posts by me tomorrow, as there are a bunch of sales and info that I’d like to highlight.

I’m off to San Diego on Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch some Lakers and/or Clippers games on TV while I’m down there. I still can’t get over this play. Dunk of the Year so far, easily.