Mr. Anti-Michael Jordan.


Here’s the extraordinary, Giovanni, aka Sportsitupcards.  He thinks Michael Jordan 90’s inserts should be worth what they were selling for, four years ago.  And he likes Panini’s Silhouettes.

Someone give this man a cookie.

2 responses to “Mr. Anti-Michael Jordan.

  • Jun

    This is a guy that claims Michael Jordan isn’t anything big and he will be forgotten. Is the most biased and hateful/jealous person against the entire Jordan market and it’s collectors. By far the most retarded conspiracy driven lunatic ever. Beware of this guy. He has a strong track record of being banned from multiple websites and forums. Caught using multiple fake ID’s and cause trouble. Even to the point of getting legal action pursued by one of the harassed members. He is crazy.

    • Jon

      Yup this guy is nutzoid, block him, ignore him, just stay away from him altogether. He’s used tons of aliases and has been banned from multiple forums. Sportsitupcards, EB22, ElginBaylor, GeorgeMikan cigpal, and jvitale1998 just to name a few.

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