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Eye Popping Sales: 1997 Metal Universe Platinum Portraits

Michael Jordan’s 1997 Metal Universe Platinum Portraits is a beautiful card. It is designed with a gray background, holographic foil, and the image of his face is composed of tiny die cut holes. Lately, it has been selling in the $500-$600 neighborhood.

The two most recent sales exemplify the oddities of ebay:

One auction ended on August 28th with a Buy it Now of $999.99 from ebay seller: slinkster5.
I haven’t verified this sale, and since it is But It Now, we have to wait until the buyer leaves feedback to reveal his identity.

UPDATE, AUGUST 30: It looks like the $999.99 sale from above was not legitmate, as the seller has a new auction with the exact card available again.  Maybe he had two cards, but I doubt it.

Today, another Buy It Now was hit, for a PSA 9 version for $90

Judging from this seller’s feedback history, he may not have known the true value of this card. The lucky buyer won the card for an amazing price.

I have routinely tracked sale of this card anywhere from $450-$550, as seen in another recent auction from ebay seller nily11.

For sales history on ebay of this card, click this link.

From the Grapevine

I’m thinking about starting a section called “From the Grapvine” of rumors/stories that I hear from various collectors all around the world who contact me with fun stories about the card market, Jordan market and otherwise outlandish stories that they have heard from various sources. I can’t verify the validity of these stories, and will never include any sources or names, so you can choose to believe them or not. Either way, I find the tales to be incredibly interesting and I think it will be fun to share with people.


A collector from the Philippines recently told me that back in March to June of this year, there was a customs officer in the Philippines who was busted for opening packages that were meant for card collectors.

This customs officer took the sports cards and went to the local mall on at least three occasions and sold them cheap to the dealers there.

He was eventually entrapped with the help of a Filipino collector, who helped local authorities to set up the operation. A known Filipino seller on ebay was one of the main victims, as this customs officer would open his packages and steal his outgoing mail meant for collectors overseas.

During the period that this customs officer was employed, packages from overseas would take up to 45 days to get delivered to the proper filipino collector/buyer’s address. Now, since he has been apprehended, the arrival time has been drastically cut to less than three weeks.

BGS 9.5 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Red /100 Michael Jordan

Yes, it is legit.   OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where did this card come from? Well, take a look here.

This is the first time many collectors will have seen this card – one of the most highly sought after and discussed Michael Jordan cards on every message board online. Michael Jordan’s 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Red /100 BGS 9.5 is one of those cards that you might hear about, but never see. Well…. here it is.

This is the ONLY Red PMG graded BGS 9.5.
If you follow Jordan cards at all, you know that a BGS 8.5 version sold for over $11K recently. Imagine if this ever hit the auction block. I don’t even care to put an estimate on it, especially with deep pocketed collectors who would go bananas over this card. In the meantime, enjoy looking at one of the most recognizable, highly sought after card ever made of the greatest basketball player, ever.

If anyone would like to chat, come to tomorrow, Sunday August  28 after 7PM, california time.

Let’s chat about cards, Jordan, the lockout… whatever you want.  We had about 7 people chatting tonight for a good 2 hours, so hopefully we can replicate that again tomorrow!

See you then!

Analysis: 1998 Metal Universe Planet Metal

Since May 1st, I have tracked 15 sales of Michael Jordan’s 1998 Metal Universe Planet Metal card.  There were probably more sales than I have tracked, so this chart isn’t inclusive of every single ebay sale of this card.

Fourteen different sellers made this card available on ebay, with Mike, ebay sellerID: mikestimeout as the only individual who has sold it more than once.  The 14 sellers are: mikestimeout, wannabelikemike2345, buckytap, ksbcantiques, ultimate_deron, raymieh3761ff, apm-cards, first_class_card_guys, tvy152003, griffeynut127, ruilicious, 515fredandjancards, rare23air83, gomez50.

The sole graded sale was a BGS 9.5 sale from first_class_card_guys on July 15 for $523.23.

The highest non-graded sale was from Jun, ebay sellerID: rare23air83 (also a new Hobby King member with the same name and a contributor to Hupe Royalty) for $89.00 on August 24.

I have confirmed 10 different buyers, but not have confirmed the buyers of the three most recent sales.  The May 31 sale by sellerID: ksbcantiques (feedback rating: 1) has yet to be confirmed.

At least three of the 14 sellers have also purchased the card.

To see the complete screen caps and buyer IDs, click this link.

Protected: 1997 Hoops High Voltage

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Observation: Philippines Sellers

I think there is a rash of sellers of Michael Jordan cards lately coming from The Philippines that are scamming on ebay.  This is just an observation and I have not verified this thought, but I have noticed that a fair amount of ZERO feedback sellers from various listed regions of  The Philippines are selling stuff that is ending anywhere from $75 and up.

Being Filipino-American myself, this discourages me, but I thought I should at least put out a post there for the people who visit my blog.

Be careful, because although they may be legitimate, there have been more than enough horror international stories from China and Australia on message board lately from people getting scammed .

Here is one example, but I’ll get more:

Michael Jordan 1 of 1 : $3,000+ SOLD!

A Michael Jordan 99 Ultimate Victory Jordans Greatest Hits 1 of 1 graded BGS 9.5 recently sold for $3,650.00 from seller mikestimeout.  The card was graded in Chicago at The National convention show a few weeks ago.  The card lands into the collection of one of the most prominent Michael Jordan collectors in the world.

From what I have heard, there are 30 or 31 different variations of The Jordan Greatest Hits subset from Ultimate Victory. The card appears to have a similar effect as the 1997 Skybox Rubies card, with an ameboa rainbow effect and gold border.  I have never tracked any sales of the 30 or so other variations out there.

Although the sale hasn’t been confirmed yet, I am pretty sure this is a legit sale.