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The hypocrite known as SportsItUpCards, Giovanni Azzarelli

I recently saw a post on Blowoutcards, from the dumbass that is SportsItUpCards, Gio.  He is asking other collectors their opinion of the sale of a 1997 Ultra Platinum Medallion 98 Greats.

He fails to mention anywhere that the real reason he is asking about the card is that he owns one and probably is trying to gauge current market value to eventually sell.

Personally, I find nothing wrong with the technique of discussing a card (to gain attention to it) and subsequently listing it on ebay.  It’s good salesmanship.

However, seeing as how the source is Gio, it is extremely ironic, since he is so quick to condemn others when they do the same thing.

Here is his post, via OzCardTrader.  Coincidentally, he has already removed the picture of the back of the card, so as not to share he serial #.