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RECORD HIGH: 1997 Z-Force Rave /399 UNGRADED

This is the third different Z-Force insert that has reached for a Hupe Royalty JE record high price for the month of January.  Last month, seller 1_srekal sold one on December 1st for $400.  This sale represents a 7% increase over that previous high.  The December sale was won by redjersey23 (formerly known as lilys_cardworld)  who is also known as a Jordan insert seller.  Look for that card to possibly be re-sold sometime down the line.

This auction included 21 bids and was won by r***8, who also won the 1997 Z-Force Zuperman Rave /399 for a record high price of $440.98, as stated a few posts below.

RECORD HIGH: 1997 Z-Force Rave Review GRADED

January 2012 is turning out to be a dizzy month tracking high sales on Michael Jordan inserts.  This graded BGS 9.5 of Michael Jordan’s 1997 Z-Force Rave Review topples the July 5, 2011 sale by 88swagger88 (now known as jordan_gems) of $280 on a BGS 9.5.  I have not seen another BGS 9.5 offered since that July sale (five months have passed), so the high price may be a result of the scarcity on this unnumbered card.  The auction ended with 23 bids and the high bidder, 0***3 has a feedback score of 40.

RECORD HIGH: 1997 Z-Force Zuperman Rave /399 UNGRADED

The weekend has allowed me to slowly back track sales that have occurred over the last few weeks in January, and I am continuously discovering record high prices on various Michael Jordan inserts.  While I have yet to validate the winning bidder, this $440 sale  of this ungraded 1997 Z-Force Zuperman Rave /399 topps any previous high I had recorded in 2011.  There were 17 bids and the winning bidder r***8 has a feedback of over 6000.  Awaiting feedback.

RECORD HIGH: 1996 Topps Chrome Refractor UNGRADED

$18K in 1997 Finest Gold Embossed Refractor /74 Sales!

In the last month, I saw two sales of one of Michael Jordan’s rarest cards – his 1997 Finest Gold Embossed Refractor /74.  Both sales, which were the first two I have tracked of this card this year, were astonishing in their end price. The BGS 9.5 sold in October for $10.6k and the BGS 9 sold a few days ago for $7.5k were easily record breaking prices compared to sales from previous years.  Both were won by known Michael Jordan collectors and sold by kobes_for_sale, a known Michael Jordan seller as well.  Each of the two cards sold were exceptional in color, as I have seen quite a few refractors from 1997 that turned “green” for various reasons.  These two beauties were sharp.

I’m still waiting/hoping to see an ungraded sale, which I think will easily go for $5K+.

Protected: 1998 Finest Hardwood Honors

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98-99 Flair Legacy Michael Jordan Proofs (never issued)

This post originally comes from Alexis, aka leximo on Hobby Kings:

Recently, I posted a thread about whether or not there were Michael Jordan base cards released in the 98-99 Flair Showcase set.
I didn’t think there were but wasn’t 100% sure. Henry and a few others confirmed that there weren’t. The reason I asked is because
I recently acquired a full proof set of Legacy Collection cards from 98-99 Flair and included in the set are two cards (row 1 and row 3)
of Michael Jordan, both front and back. I don’t know why they didn’t have a row 2 version of MJ in the proof set.

In any case, I wanted to share the images with everyone here on HK as they are pretty cool to see what the card would have looked like.
These proofs are just printed on regular paper, not card stock, unfortunately. You can see the “Legacy Collection” designation on the card
but it is printed in gray instead of blue and doesn’t have the serial # on it, of course. What’s interesting is that Jordan was to be #91 in the
90-card set. Internal documentation I received with the set shows that they were trying to get Jordan into the base set as well, which is why
Fleer submitted the proofs to the NBA for approval. Let me know what you guys think.