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$18K in 1997 Finest Gold Embossed Refractor /74 Sales!

In the last month, I saw two sales of one of Michael Jordan’s rarest cards – his 1997 Finest Gold Embossed Refractor /74.  Both sales, which were the first two I have tracked of this card this year, were astonishing in their end price. The BGS 9.5 sold in October for $10.6k and the BGS 9 sold a few days ago for $7.5k were easily record breaking prices compared to sales from previous years.  Both were won by known Michael Jordan collectors and sold by kobes_for_sale, a known Michael Jordan seller as well.  Each of the two cards sold were exceptional in color, as I have seen quite a few refractors from 1997 that turned “green” for various reasons.  These two beauties were sharp.

I’m still waiting/hoping to see an ungraded sale, which I think will easily go for $5K+.