1 of 1 Masterpiece Value?

I recently came across a collector via email who has engaged me in a discussion on the value of some of the more sought after Jordan 1 of 1’s from the 90’s. He happened across my blog and saw the first post on this page – the $50k offer for an MJ masterpiece.

We’ve shared a few thoughts back and forth and he believes a card of that magnitude is closer valued in the neighborhood of $150,000. What do you think? Does that seem outrageous or in line?

I guess for the few people who own a Michael Jordan 1 of 1 Masterpiece, the sky is truly the limit on their asking price.

I bring this topic up as I have noticed a wave of 1 of 1’s that have popped up in the last several weeks on ebay.  These are 90’s one of ones, from sets that contained multiple Jordan 1/1 cards – Upper Deck Master Collection, Ultimate Victory and Upper Deck Athlete of the Century.  The end prices have been anywhere from $1000-$6,100, with the most recent one ending at $3,500, graded PSA 9.

Here are some of the ones I’ve been able to track so far:

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