Daveduffield: 2011 Michael Jordan Report

The following information is courtesy of Hobby Kings member, daveduffield. Also read the original post, which includes his list of the Top 25 Michael Jordan card sales of the year.

2011 Wrap for high end Michael Jordan 90s cards (singles valued 500 USD or more)

754 cards sold for 1.218.520 USD

December was the strongest month by volume with cards valued at 167.889 USD changing hands. That should be compared to the 2010 monthly average, which stood at 21.489 USD.
During October 98 cards were sold, giving the 10th month of the year the top spot, slightly ahead of December with 97 cards sold. 2010 monthly average was 18 cards sold per month.
Overall, volume was spiking all year. 2010 figures of 218 cards sold for 257.872 USD were left far behind, especially as activities accelerated towards the end of the year. Card volume during all of 2011 was up 246% from 2010 levels and total sales volume was up 373%.

Prices finished on a high note, being up (on average) each month of the year, extending the streak of rising prices to 13 consecutive months. For 2011 the top performer were unlimited inserts, which doubled in price. Closely behind were autographed cards and unlimited inserts/parallels, each group up 84% respectively for the year.
Since the beginning of 2007, prices for Michael Jordan 90s cards advanced (on average) 354% with limited inserts and parallels leading the way. The latter advanced 536%, while game used 90s lagged, advancing only 99%.

85% of all sellers came from the U.S. vs. 15% internationals
64% of all buyers came from the U.S. vs. 36% internationals
Tendency is the same as last year, that the U.S. is net-exporting MJs 90s, mainly due to very active buyers from Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea and Canada. All of these countries had at least 5 different winning bidders during 2012.

An outlook for 2012 is going to follow.

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