1997 Hoops High Voltage…A Sign of Things To Come?

I was just doing a quick scroll through some random lower end Jordan inserts and came across two sales that caught my attention.

This card was a $15-$25 card at the beginning of 2011 and gradually escalated to a $40-$50 over the summer.  I have tracked 16 graded and ungraded auctions.  The highest sale I ever saw for an ungraded copy was $59.99 on August 26th.  The last two sales of the year show that the demand seems to have subsided and prices are rescinding toward the levels of nearly a year ago. Could it be that some of the lower tiered cards are cooling off?  I’m not sure yet, as this is the first card that I’ve noticed that has had a substantial decrease from  what I have previously tracked in 2011.

One response to “1997 Hoops High Voltage…A Sign of Things To Come?

  • daskramladen

    I think the “problem” of this card is it´s big brother, the 500 Volt version. I have both cards and since I bought the limited version 3 or 4 years ago I’m bored of the regular version.
    If you look at the Planet Metal-Insert (not the die-cut one) with the same 1:24-packs rating, it´s different. You can get 50$ easily for this insert and the value is still rising ..

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