1997 Hoops High Voltage /500 VS 1996 EX Credentials /499


Which would you rather own? A Michael Jordan 1997 Hoops High Voltage /500 or a 1996 EX Essential Credentials /499?

The first card comes from an insert that that includes about 15 different players and from a base set, Hoops, that was geared toward younger/cheaper collectors.  In 1997, packs were probably no more than $3.

The second card comes from an insert set that includes more than 60 cards and from Skybox E-X, which was  premium product in 1996.  As I recall, packs were upwards of $10 for this stuff.

The Credentials garners anywhere from $500-$600 on ebay, with the last few sales that I’ve tracked ending upwards of $625.  I have seen roughly 15 completed auctions for this card since May 2011.

The High Voltage card actually sparked me to post this because I have tracked only ONE sale, in that same period from May 2011 to today.  The sale ended at $500.  There is a current auction for another copy that is at $510 with four days remaining.

Now, the Credentials does have many great qualities about it, and for a card numbered to 499 it pops up at least twice a month, sometimes three times.  However, it really surprises me that the High Voltage has only appeared once (now twice, with the current auction) in that same period.  Is it because teenage and adult collectors in 1996 safely stored the Credential – a valuable card from the gate – and kids (or whoever was buying Hoops in 1997) didn’t value the Jordan High Voltage /500 as wisely as their older counterparts?  Maybe there are a bunch of the High Voltage cards in collections in closets of former kid collectors who don’t realize that they posses a $500 card.

Who knows for sure?!  I definitely don’t, but I’m amazed that two cards of seemingly identical print runs can appear with such different frequency on ebay.  I think the $500 sale will at least cause some collectors who own the card to consider putting it up on ebay.

Anyway, which one do you like more, for aesthetic reasons?  Personally, I like the silver and acetate of the Credentials, but I admit that I have never seen the High Voltage in person, so I am  a little biased.


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