RECORD HIGH: 1998 UD Choice Starquest Gold /100

One of the most elusive Michael Jordan 90’s inserts is the 1998 UD Choice Starquest Gold /100.  It was inserted in a low end Upper Deck product that was geared for kids, during the previous NBA lockout.

There is a theory among some collectors that, due to low demand for NBA cards during that season, card manufacturers production for cards was low as well.  Supposedly, some product that did not sell well with hobby shops were returned back to Upper Deck, Topps and Fleer that year and later destroyed.  I can’t verify this story, but if it is correct, it may be one reason that this card almost never shows up for auction online.

It is also possible that this card is stored in many closets, because the audience that this product was geared toward was the younger collector.  Now, ten years later, those collectors may not realize the value of the card, and thus, any Jordan Starquests that were pulled from packs could still sitting  in collections that are somewhat forgotten.

The $2.5k sale from firehorse9798 was purchased by a known Jordan collector.

This is only the fourth copy sold that I have tracked since 2008.

OCTOBER 4 UPDATE: Another one has popped up on ebay, this time graded BGS 9 from seller kobes_for_sale. It has t $3.5K Buy It Now/Best Offer.

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