RECORD HIGH: 1992 Fleer Team Leaders GRADED


So I remember seeing a thread on Sports Card Forum where SCF member pinguino17 was asking others what they thought his BGS 9.5 1992 Fleer Team Leaders card is valued at.  Some members chimed in, saying they thought that $200-$400 was  a fair range.  I actually posted in the thread that I tracked a few PSA 10 sales that ended around $800-$1,000 in 2009 and 2010.  Pinguino17 also shared that he thought $1,400 was reasonable ballpark figure.

Well, after seeing Pinguino17 list it on ebay and having someone hit the Buy It Now for $3,500! I absolutely thought I should capture this sale, seeing that it is for  card that is currently a population 2 in the BGS registery.

The Team Leaders card is one that many should recognize as one of the Jordan cards that was heavily chased in the 90’s.  It routinely sells on ebay and any collector can usually find a few copies available online during any given week.  I think they currently end around $$60-$100, so this $3.5k sale is a huge number.

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