As earlier posted, a Michael Jordan BGS 9.5 1997 Finest Gold Embossed Refractor /74 was available on ebay.  The card was at $6,300 with multiple bids and over 7 days remaining before the seller decided to pull the plug.

Additionally, one of the rarest of all Michael Jordan 90’s insert cards happen to pop up a the same time.  The 1997 EX-2001 Essential Credentials Now /9 of Michael Jordan can only be rivaled by the 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Green /10. This card was graded BGS 7.5, numbered to one less than the more prominent Gem, was available and immediately skyrocketed to over $10,000 less than two days after it was listed.  Like the Finest Gold Embossed Refractor /74, this card was pulled before it ran its course.

Both cards have been highly watched on ebay and discussed on various boards online.  Hear how collectors on Hobby Kings, Blow Out Cards and Sports Card Forum feel about these two cornerstone cards.

I have unconfirmed word from Jun, aka rare23air83 on ebay and Hobby Kings that the two cards ended at astronomical prices:

I received word that the Credentials sold for $25k outside of eBay and the Gold Embossed Refractor for $9k. Rare Jordan inserts are STILL sky rocketting in price/value. Insane and awesome at the same time.

It may very well be another five years before another version of the 1997 EX-2001 Essential Credentials Now /9 pops up, as daveduffield of Hobby Kings noted that he last recalled seeing a version show up online was in 2006.


2 responses to “2 BIG KAHUNAS

  • Jun

    The highest graded example of the Gold Embossed Refractor BGS 9.5 was recently sold for $10,655.00 (eBay Item #230690884184).

  • Jun

    I received a $12.5k offer for the BGS 9.5 Gold Embossed Refractor. I think that will be a record high if I accept the offer, outbeating most of his other rare serial #’d cards.

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