Analysis: 1998 Skybox Premium 3D’s

I have tracked 20 sales of Michael Jordan’s 1998 Skybox Premium 3D’s since May 2011.  There have been 19 sellers, which include:

boomo, rrsportscards2001, slinkster5, 79yingyang, miglla, sportsink, golferman69, kvartab2, ultimate_deron, sil15, jordans-allday-everyday, cal2308, godlovesworld316, hasenbeensoba, cardgems, wannabelikemike2345, 23ttocs, griffanfan32 and bcoulopo.  The ebay seller: jordans-allday-everyday has sold the card twice – once in June and once in July.

I have been able to identify 16 different buyers so far.  The June 12 sale by seller 23ttocs was won by a bidder who has a private ID.  The June 19 sale by hasenbeensoba has not yet been verified.  The most recent sale on September 3rd by seller boomo has yet to be verified as well.  One buyer has purchased the card twice – once in July and again in August.

The twenty sales has only seen three graded sales – one each of a PSA 10, BGS 9 and BGS 9.5.  The BGS 9.5 sale in June ended at an amazing $698.88 by a prominent Jordan collector.

The highest non-graded sale was on August 3rd, from seller golferman69 at $300.

There was an odd sale from seller: kvartab2, for $60 that may have scared a few potential buyers because he had zero feedback at the time.  He now has 27 feedback rating, so the combination of no previous sales and the item description as “Very Good” may have been a detriment against him.

Click here to see the all twenty screencaps from the completed sales, along with the buyer IDs.

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