Ignorant and Moronic.

I can respect people  who I have never personally met, even if their opinions are different than mine.  I can respect people who state their argument, if they can back it up with facts.

I can’t stand ignorant individuals who spread unproven lies about myself or others. While I won’t normally resort to name calling online, I will make an exception for this post, for this tremendously ‘special’ group of individuals.

Hello, Jay, Orangejello727.  Since I can’t write on Blow Out Cards (banned for promoting my Hupe Royalty blog through PMs.  My error, I apologize to BO) I will write on my blog and maybe you and/or others who choose to listen to his false accusations will read it.

O.J. Ignorant comment #1:
Can you tell me the last 3 sales of Jordan PMG red? Buyer and seller?
Credking to private person
Gonblott to Redskinwizards
Redskinwizards to XXXX (waiting to find out if they leave feedback but guess what, they probably wont)

This list right here shows your ignorance. Get your facts proper.
On May 1st, soundandintel (Gonblott) sold his 18/100 Red PMG to a buyer named the_good_sportsman. In fact, your “boyfriend” Gio, Sportsitupcards made it a point to note that, in his infamous thread on Freedomcardboard. See the exact quote here. It’s the first post on the page.

On August 23rd, guess who? That’s right, the_good_sportsman created a listing stating that he had plans to auction off his Dennis Rodman Green PMG and his Michael Jordan Red PMG. You’ll never believe the serial number it was…… 18/100. Oh my! Yes, a collector that does not come to any forums actually purchased a card that you and your ‘special’ friends continually doubt.

Now, you dumb fucks, this is where it may confuse you. His description read:
I am selling my Rodman and Jordan Precious Metals. The high price is for people to see that they will be for sale. I will most likely list the Rodman next week and the Jordan the following week, if they don’t sell by then. Rodman is numbered 001/100, first one ever printed, holy grail of Rodman cards. Jordan is numbered 018/100. In the meantime, feel free to make an offer and I’ll consider it.

I have highlighted the bold to show emphasis. He stated on August 23rd that he would entertain offers for the card. Some time between the start of the auction, but before the end of the day on August 23rd, he updated the description:

The Jordan is no longer available. – 08/23/11

So, if you’re perceptive enough to understand, he sold the card offline. Card 18/100.

On August 24th? (unsure about the start date, but I know that it ended prior to August 28th) redskinswizard put up a Michael Jordan Red PMG serial number……………yes, you ignorant knuckleheads…. 18/100.
Here is the auction. Someone, until proven otherwise, hit the Buy It Now for $11,999.99 on August 28th.
UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 2: The card was re-listed so the BIN did not go through. Follow the current auction here.

You, Orangejello727, should know the facts before you start bitching about something and make accusations that are ignorant, if not blatantly inaccurate.

O.J. Comment #2
I just want to clarify that Im not an MJ fan!! lol I think he was a great player. Just not a god that some people make him out to be! Im sure MJ would “bet’ on that!

So, on Blow Out Cards he states he is not a fan of Michael Jordan. If that is the case, why on earth is he on Dascardboard.eu attempting to trade for Jordan 90’s inserts or buy “if the price is right?”


@Jeebus_86… idk man even that m1000 guy who runs hupe royalty… It’s seem a little bizarre that he is OBSESSED with MJ 90’s inserts only. If you check out his blog site it’s 95% posts about MJ 90’s inserts and their “record sales”!!!! What I don’t get is, if he really is a big fan of the man Michael Jefferey Jordan and his cards, why not post about ALL his cards and their sales???? Also a few days ago he posted about a PMG Red BGS 9.5 and asked the absurd question “could it be worth more than a BGS 10 Fleer Jordan RC”…. Ummmmmmmm NO!!!!!!!! that is the most overrated 90’s MJ insert card of all time!!!!! Only someone who is in conspiracy to hype these cards would say something so stupid.

All the honest collectors need to wise up and not fall for this B.S!
How about posting blogs/threads ECG about his 1980’s Fleer cards? Or about his pre-1996 inserts from Flair, Finest, and ect? You know, the NON NUMBERED INSERTS!!!???

I don’t know you, and have never debated with you, so I’ll answer these questions because I think your tone is more inquisitive, and not accusations of wrong doing.

First off, are you really suggesting that I blog about ALL of Michael Jordans cards? You do realize that he has the most cards produced of any basketball player ever, right? That task would be asinine. There is already a tool for that anyway… it’s called ebay.

I blog about the sales of 90’s Jordan stuff because they are most active, relevant and interesting to me. This blog is a hobby of mine and I choose to focus on the 90’s and 2000’s cards. Surely that isn’t criminal. I don’t have much interest in the 1980’s cards, but it seems like YOU do, since you want to see information about it. Might I suggest you start blogging about that era, because I am sure there are other collectors who would be interested in following and learning about those cards/sales.

The reason why you see only the record sales posts is because you don’t have the password for the locked posts, which show screen caps of all completed sales of many 1990’s inserts and some 2000’s inserts, as well as the corresponding buyers of those cards (as I update them). The reason that those posts are password protected is because I don’t want to be accused (even though I still get accused) of spreading misinformation. Obviously, if I were to make public posts that detail the screencap and unmasked buyer ID of Jordan sales, people, such as the fuckhead Jay, Orangejello727, would question why I am spreading information that he believes is for some unscrupulous reason. Instead, I only offer that password with individuals who email asking for it, because either:

A) they are a jordan fan/collector who stumbled on my blog while surfing online
B) they are an ebay buyer of Jordan cards who has asked to see the information or
C) they are a board member that I have met from a message board that I know, who wants to see the information, and will not accuse me of some underhanded reason for documenting the sales.

The majority of the content on my blog is actually screencaps of ebay completed sales of 1990’s Jordan inserts.

It would be wise to read the About section of my blog, as I do state that my blog is simply one of a million out there on the internet, and in no way should any viewer take everything on this site as ABSOLUTE. Collectors should educate themselves in as many ways as possible, and if they choose to read my blog without learning anywhere else how to value their cards for themselves, well… then they have no one else to blame other than themselves if they want to be ignorant.


2 responses to “Ignorant and Moronic.

  • Jesus

    I am officially convinced that OJ is completely INSANE, and has some serious anger management issues, lol

    And BenMoss is a complete idiot!

    The funny thing is, OJ likes to point out this whole Mob mentality and likes to call the people who don’t agree with him “lemmings” on other board sites. But yet, the only reason why he’s on Blowout, is because he’s surrounded by people he thinks like he does, making him a lemming himself.

    It’s also pretty obvious that since he was BANNED on HK, he now holds a personal vendetta and hatred to anyone who is affiliated with HK.

    No wonder Blowout is the laughing stock of all the other boards, lol

  • Jun

    BTW, that PMG Red which Redskin supposedly sold for $12k is not official and didn’t happen. He re-listed the card on eBay with a reserve saying the “buyer didn’t have enough money.” BS imo. The last few RAW ungraded PMG reds sold were all around $4k-$5k. $12k my ass. lol

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