From the Grapevine

I’m thinking about starting a section called “From the Grapvine” of rumors/stories that I hear from various collectors all around the world who contact me with fun stories about the card market, Jordan market and otherwise outlandish stories that they have heard from various sources. I can’t verify the validity of these stories, and will never include any sources or names, so you can choose to believe them or not. Either way, I find the tales to be incredibly interesting and I think it will be fun to share with people.


A collector from the Philippines recently told me that back in March to June of this year, there was a customs officer in the Philippines who was busted for opening packages that were meant for card collectors.

This customs officer took the sports cards and went to the local mall on at least three occasions and sold them cheap to the dealers there.

He was eventually entrapped with the help of a Filipino collector, who helped local authorities to set up the operation. A known Filipino seller on ebay was one of the main victims, as this customs officer would open his packages and steal his outgoing mail meant for collectors overseas.

During the period that this customs officer was employed, packages from overseas would take up to 45 days to get delivered to the proper filipino collector/buyer’s address. Now, since he has been apprehended, the arrival time has been drastically cut to less than three weeks.


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