Eye Popping Sales: 1997 Metal Universe Platinum Portraits

Michael Jordan’s 1997 Metal Universe Platinum Portraits is a beautiful card. It is designed with a gray background, holographic foil, and the image of his face is composed of tiny die cut holes. Lately, it has been selling in the $500-$600 neighborhood.

The two most recent sales exemplify the oddities of ebay:

One auction ended on August 28th with a Buy it Now of $999.99 from ebay seller: slinkster5.
I haven’t verified this sale, and since it is But It Now, we have to wait until the buyer leaves feedback to reveal his identity.

UPDATE, AUGUST 30: It looks like the $999.99 sale from above was not legitmate, as the seller has a new auction with the exact card available again.  Maybe he had two cards, but I doubt it.

Today, another Buy It Now was hit, for a PSA 9 version for $90

Judging from this seller’s feedback history, he may not have known the true value of this card. The lucky buyer won the card for an amazing price.

I have routinely tracked sale of this card anywhere from $450-$550, as seen in another recent auction from ebay seller nily11.

For sales history on ebay of this card, click this link.


One response to “Eye Popping Sales: 1997 Metal Universe Platinum Portraits

  • Jun

    I spoke to him about this card today. It is in fact the same card. The buyer I guess backed out? He offered me a $600 deal outside of eBay, but I think it’s a bit too much for me. We will see how much the auction will end at. BTW, the book value of this card in the newest September issue of Beckett has risen from $500 to $700 now.

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