Analysis: 1998 Metal Universe Planet Metal

Since May 1st, I have tracked 15 sales of Michael Jordan’s 1998 Metal Universe Planet Metal card.  There were probably more sales than I have tracked, so this chart isn’t inclusive of every single ebay sale of this card.

Fourteen different sellers made this card available on ebay, with Mike, ebay sellerID: mikestimeout as the only individual who has sold it more than once.  The 14 sellers are: mikestimeout, wannabelikemike2345, buckytap, ksbcantiques, ultimate_deron, raymieh3761ff, apm-cards, first_class_card_guys, tvy152003, griffeynut127, ruilicious, 515fredandjancards, rare23air83, gomez50.

The sole graded sale was a BGS 9.5 sale from first_class_card_guys on July 15 for $523.23.

The highest non-graded sale was from Jun, ebay sellerID: rare23air83 (also a new Hobby King member with the same name and a contributor to Hupe Royalty) for $89.00 on August 24.

I have confirmed 10 different buyers, but not have confirmed the buyers of the three most recent sales.  The May 31 sale by sellerID: ksbcantiques (feedback rating: 1) has yet to be confirmed.

At least three of the 14 sellers have also purchased the card.

To see the complete screen caps and buyer IDs, click this link.


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