True, I don’t know the people that are selling. I don’t claim that their are friends or buddies. YOU are the one that refers to them as my “buddy.”

The thing that I do on this blog is screen cap a sale. It contains all the relevant information, including auction number, as you have suggested in the past, for ANYONE to look more in depth to the bid history or anything else they want. If they choose to not use that information to better educate themselves, well, that is their issue. The reason I provide screen caps (which I have now chosen to put a password on) was to document past sales, since they disappear from ebay after 2 weeks, unless you know the item number. I have always thought it would be cool to see the trend over x time of a card’s selling price on ebay. Previously, I wanted to share that with any MJ collector out there, so I left it unlocked. But that has changed recently.

Over the last few weeks, as I started doing research and deciphering the masked ID’s of winning bidders, I accumulated a list of over 200 ebay buyers and attaching it to these screen caps. I have the winning bidder of every auction I screen cap, which includes over 150 different Michael Jordan inserts. Have I made some interesting finds? Absolutely. Should I share it with people? Well, I have shared some stuff with some people that I feel comfortable with – other Jordan collectors who don’t look at me as a crook or scam artist or otherwise motivated by some deceitful reason. Should I share it with everybody? Well, I have an issue with privacy about that. I mean, after all, is it really everyone’s business who is buying what? Anyone,… ANYONE can find out who is buying cards, if they just choose to do some homework on their own and look into feedback left for sellers. I don’t feel it is my place to disclose the buying habits of 200+ people, especially when a good amount of them are not doing anything illegal. Why should their buying habits be made public? It may do more harm than good to share this list I have with EVERYBODY.

If you want someone to reveal stuff on a public message board, go talk to Gio, Sportsitupcards. He has long claimed to know certain things and invdividuals who are doing shady stuff with Jordan cards. Funny thing is, he has never shared that information publicly, even though he claims to look out for Jordan buyers so they aren’t getting scammed.

EDIT, to add: I made this blog essentially, as an extension of the completed sales of ebay, but with sales that go back farther than two weeks. Now, because of someone like you, instead of making the information free, I have chosen to lock it up and instead only share it with people who ask for the information from me, so as to not be accused of hyping anything for my own gain. I have always loved the internet for the free access of information. It is a shame that I feel the need to lock up information and not allow it be seen by everyone who wants to see it.


From Orangejello727, via Blow Out Cards:
Actually this post of mine was purely a sarcastic post. It was my way of rebuting what m1000 replied. M1000 is way out of his league when it comes to high end MJ sales. He doesnt know the people that are selling. He may be in contact with a very few of the buyers but thats it. But its not the buyers that are manipulating the market. Its the sellers and the bidders that are raising auction prices with no intentions of winning that are manipulating that market. And in some cases the seller doesnt even know. All Ive done is given some example on how it can be done…and sadly it is being done.

Ive got nothing against gonblott. Ive never mentioned his name either. I think thats sportscarditup who has issues with him. All soundandintel does is list his pmg red jordan then cancel the auction. Maybe he is testing the waters and putting out there the nototion to buyers that he has these cards. Nothing more. He is a buyer more than a seller.

Mike (M1000) is more of a sheep. No offense to him. Im not trying to call him names but rather stating exactly what part of the game he plays. He has a tendacy for recording sales without verification then promoting as if they are legit. Early on, I caught him making a ton of mistakes. He would record a sale as legit on his blog only to find out that the sale didnt even go through. He would go back and revise it. I mean if you call into question even 1 record, wouldnt you question all of them without having any information besides an auction that ended with maybe a sellers name?

I dont know davdufffield. He just seems like another guy that promotes the sales of MJ whenever he gets the chance. He uses stats to back up his claims but most of his stats are too general and onesided to favor MJ no matter how you look at it. He talks about most watched auctions and how MJ is ranked #1 but forgets to mention that jordan cards outnumber all other player auctions by a mile. Or currency fluctuations on exchange based on economic condition without acknowledging rate between such currencies as AUS and CDN closing the gap to the US dollar which bring in more people to buy at a cheaper prices due to exchange.

Now to MJ Auctions. Clearly m1000 motive is to discredit everything I say because in order for him to lose all doubts on his information he must some how get people to either hate me or just not trust me. Either way I dont care because im doing nothing but advocating the other side. I agree with the exact senitments that gomiago does. I dont claim these auctions to be fake. I dont claim them not to be legit. THey very well may be real sales whereby the buyer pays $11,100 for a pmg red. Im not question the authencity of the winning bidder and payment. Im questioning everything inbetween bid 1 and the last bid that wins the auction. Im questioning the authenticity of the inbetween bids and if they really were out to win the auction or just push it along. I keep asking questions as to why a bidder who bids on certain MJ cards will push the auction up without winning the card at a certain price will come to bid on the same card that shows up on ebay weeks later but his bid doesnt come close to what his bid on on the first auction? It doesnt make sense at all. (going to make up scenario here)… Why would someone bid $5k for a card and lose out to a bid of $11k on a card then when a similar card shows up for sale only bid $2k and lose out to a winning bid of $5k which you clearly would have paid for the card in the prior auction? Unless you never really wanted to win that auction. Guys like m1000 will use nonsense arguments like …(I dont know, why not ask the bidder) or the card condition isnt the same. Sure that argument works but not for a recent auction whereby the card listed and the picture were exactly the same in both auctions. Not until the 2nd auction was it more clear that the condition of the card wasnt great. But that great picture still didnt get the bids the first auction did even with the deception. Clearly shows that there are bidders in my opinion that are not looking to win the card but rather push it along!!

Ive also stated my opinion on MJ inserts. Ive said it over and over again that im not a proponent against their sales. I do believe the sales of MJ inserts numbered less than /25 will command huge dollars. Those numbered to less than /10 are too scarce and will not pop up often enough to even set market prices. Those numbered to /100 show up all day long. THe pmg red shows up for sale on a monthly basis. Just how rare is it? I mean if one pops up on ebay every months, its pretty obvious there are enough to go around …especially when a few sit on ebay without being sold.

Then you get NON numbered MJ inserts. I consider them stragglers. Cards that sell well over their market price because those who cant afford the tier 1 MJ cards will now focus on these and create a market for them. ITs like putting on a fire sale at Macys with 90% off everything in the store. THe good stuff sells out, the most expensive stuff doesnt get touched because even at a discount, its not afforadable. So what do people do? THey buy up anything and everything whether they truly wanted it or not. THe mentality that its “All on sale and 90%” drives the frenzy, not the product. Thats whats happening here. MJ inserts is not driving the market for low end stuff… Its the frenzy on trying to make cash thats driving up the prices. Speculators outbidding speculators for cards that are looking to flip it next week …probably to another speculator. doesnt matter whos on the card, it just happens to be MJ. Same happens to error cards on ebay.

This is the 2nd time ive aired out what I think is happening out there. Im sure mike will still play his stupid lil game and tell everyone that his information must stay private because he is trying to protect someone or some group. I just find it funny that he will protect the bidders who play fishy games, but doesnt hesitate pumping auctions that has them bidding in it. If thats not irony, I dont know what is.


One response to “Orangejello727

  • Henry Chang

    what a wanker, this is the EXACT reason I stay away from BO cards forums. He acts like if you don’t have a good collection or buy Jordan inserts, you’ve got no say in it.

    Tell him to look at my collection, then tell him he’s a jerk and that I think Mike (you) and daveduffield and gonblott are all 1 million times more knowledgeable than this soapbox-standing fool.

    I would go over there and say my peace, but LORD I HATE BLOWOUTCARDS FORUMS.

    For him to suggest you are playing games with NO proof (which is what he seems to have his tighty whiteys in a bunch over) just makes him look just as stupid.

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