Jordan Thoughts, Circa 2009

I found this browsing the PSA forums, which, in hindsight, seems humorous to me now.   Just two years ago, some collectors noticed a rise in 90’s Jordan inserts.  


 Wednesday April 08, 2009 2:40 PM
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It is pretty much on a handful of select Jordan inserts that are elite sellers. They pretty much always have been, just more have been trading hands lately. Other examples are 95-96 Hot Numbers (was once a $250+ card), 96-97 EX A cut Above, BMOC, Metal Universe Titanium, Ultra Court Masters, Flair Hot Shots, Metal Linchpins, Dominion Noyz Boyz, Zforce Rave and Super Rave.
 Tuesday April 07, 2009 11:00 PM
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I was looking for a Big Man on Campus michael jordan card and was amazed at how much they were selling for – $200+ – even for a raw one. I decided to check on a few other popular inserts from 1992-1998 and prices still seem strong, it was almost like I was back at the Rosemont, IL show in 1997.Have Jordan inserts from that era become popular again? I remember they dropped in value once the jersey and auto card craze started in the late 1990’s. They looked so boring compared to the new stuff. At the time I thought they were somewhat undervalued because those cards were really tough pulls, but thought that the hobby tastes had passed them by. Now they look “classic” compared to today’s cards. I guess the mid-1990’s will be known as the Golden Era of the Insert!

In a way, I’m glad that they still hold their value. Jordan is the closest thing to Mantle from that era.”


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