Analysis: 1997 Z-Force Big Men on Court

Some info:
Since May 29th, I have tracked 11 sales of this card from 10 different sellers:
sil15, scamden1177, firehorse9798, blacksnsd, cardgems, cjostes13, powerbuyer23, allstarsportsgr, ajbm and itl1. Cardgems has sold this card twice.

I have been able to identify 10 different buyers, but cannot identify the winner of the allstarsportsgr buyer at $535 yet. None of the ten buyers have sold the card.

There have been eight ungraded sales, one PSA 10, one BGS 9 and one BGS 9.5 sale.

The highest sale occurred with cardgems at $1,125 for a BGS 9.5 verion sold on June 22nd. The highest ungraded sale, still unconfirmed with feedback was the $535 allstarsportsgr sale on July 31. The lowest sale was for $335 by scamden1177 on June 5.

Screen caps and winning bidders can be found here, for those of you who I supplied the password.


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