Ebay Sellers: jrsmith_23 Ray Chung, bettor_cover_lover Amy

Ray Chung and Amy of New South Wales, Australia have a spotty record with several members on various basketball card forums online, including Hobby Kings and Oz Card Trader.  They both have a reputation of selling high dollar, rare Michael Jordan inserts and autograph cards.

Ray sells under the eBay name: jrsmith_23 and legacy_pmg_rubies, while his associate (if she exists) currently operates under the name bettor_cover_lover. Both accounts often bid and win on rare Michael Jordan inserts as well as re-sell them under the various names.

Last month, there was a significant story on Hobby Kings and Oz Card  detailing some suspicious events surround Ray.  Now, the most recent story comes from Oz Card Trader member, Kimi, detailing a transaction in which Ray did not follow through on shipping a $960 Michael Jordan 1999 Upper Deck Master Collection set that Kimi won from him in January. The auction, according to Kimi, was paid for after the auction ended. The cards were never delivered and his money was refunded. The exact same set was put up for auction and ended at nearly $1450.  Attempts to find out why the set is available for sale were not replied to when Kimi contacted Ray.

Read the entire thread about it here on Oz Card Trader.


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