Analysis: 1996 EX-2000 Net Assets Michael Jordan

The 1996 EX-2000 Net Assets Michael Jordan traded around $20-$30 for quite a while. I never bothered to track it until recently. In the last few weeks, it has seen a spike in price that it pretty significant. Here is some info regarding the 24 sales that I have tracked since May 29th, 2011:

24 total sales
1 BGS 9.5 sale that ended at $699.99 on a Buy It Now
1 BCCG 10
2 BGS 9
1 PSA 9
19 ungraded sales

22 different sellers:
sil15, zcose-sports-marketing, u0203006, gahino, nba23thegreatone, sfh0901, ceedge7, wananbelikemike2345, ajbm, rare23air83, cards-by-mike, fooboo69, screwyscollectibles4sale, powerbuyer23, travis1967racing, one_taco, ultimate_deron, bayareasportscards, smac23, comradess, twentyairthree and iv2kids.

Two sellers have sold the card more than once: nba23thegreatone and rare23air83.

There are at least 15 different buyers. Some have yet to leave feedback, so that number will probably increase. Rare23air83 has been a buyer of this card. Additionally, three other known Jordan sellers have also bought this card.

The highest recorded sale I captured for a graded card was from ebay sellerID: wannabelikemike2345 when his BGS 9.5 went for $699.99 in early July.

The highest ungraded sale I saw was for $129 by sellerID: fooboo69 on July 14th.

Two older sales have yet to receive feedback from the buyers:

UPDATE: I just noticed this auction, too. It isn’t included in the information above.


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