Analysis: 1997 Ultra Ultra Stars Michael Jordan

I have tracked 13 sales of this card since April 16, 2011.
There have been 10 ungraded sales and 3 graded sales, all BGS 9.5 cards.

The thirteen sales have come from 12 different sellers, with sellerID: raymieh3761ff being the only seller that has sold the card more than once. Coincidentally, he has also been the buyer on two of the auctions.

The sellers are: raymieh3761ff, sil15, bettor_cover_lover, jcmiller44512, nba23thegreatone, malone-32, futurereferenceinn, pizzasnob, ultimate_deron, hooplasports, lauricerap and tvy152003 .

The highest ungraded sale was recorded in mid-July from Rick, ebay sellerID: ultimate_deron at $319.99.  This price was unusually high compared to the other auctions. It is possible that his high quality image used played a part in this sale.  The lowest ungraded sale was for $98.87 from seller: malone-32 on June 12.

The highest graded sale came from sellerID: nba23thegreatone on July 12. His BGS 9.5 sold for $300.  The lowest graded sale $226.50 by ebay sellerID: hooplasports on July 25.

In total 9 different buyers of the 13 sales have already left positive feedback. The only auctions that have yet to receive feedback is the latest one from seller: raymieh3761ff for this auction, as well as the auction from seller: lauricerap who has feedback rating of zero.


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