Help! Please Look Out For These High End *STOLEN* Lebron James Rookie Cards!

A prominent collector contacted me today to ask me to assist him to spread the word about two cards that have been stolen from him. The two cards were part of a package he sent to Beckett for grading back in early June.   The cards may possibly pop up near the Dallas area and/or online. His secretary did not attach a tracking number nor did she insure the package.

The two cards are:
LeBron James 2003 Topps Contemporary Colllection Gold 12/25 rookie card BGS 9.  He was hoping to re-grade the card to see if it would qualify for a BGS 9.5.  Here is the actual scan of the card before he sent it out:

LeBron James 2003 Fleer Patchworks Ruby /50 rookie card PSA 10
This card was PSA graded previously and he was hoping to convert it into a BGS holder.  I don’t have the exact serial number or the actual scan at the moment, but I will be able to provide the serial number in the upcoming days.

If you know anyone who has obtained these cards, please note that they are stolen property.  Please contact MIKE ( if you can help with the whereabouts of these two cards.  Thank you!


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