$20,000 Michael Jordan Masterpiece

Do you have $20K to spare?  Maybe you could consider picking up a 1999 Ultimate Victory Jordan’s Greatest Hits 1 of 1. Yes, a masterpiece.

UPDATE, JULY 30:  I have spoken to the seller, Mike (miim7777@aol.com) who recently pulled the auction for the card. He’s taking it to Chicago for The National, where he intends to get it graded by BGS. I asked him to share the story of how he acquired it and this is what he told me:

Yeah I will let you know what it comes back and send you pics before I list it. I actually bought it in a deal from a guy who had listed his Jordan collection on ebay and I bought some of the lots and then asked him what else he had. We did the rest of the transaction via paypal and I got a bunch of nice Jordan insets in the deal but spent some big money. Have had several people show interest but everyone keeps saying that its not a legit 1/1 because there are 31 cards in the greatest hits set. My response to that is that I see precious metal gems all the time as well as other high end Jordans but how many have you seen of these in the last 12 years and many of that product was either sent back because it was a horrible seller so who knows how many are floating out there. After getting it graded I believe it will come back a BGS 9.5 and I probably would not consider selling it for anything less than x amount. I just know it can only go up and eventually people will realize the true value. Thanks

The only other sale I could find on this card was from 2007, when another version sold for a little over $430:


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