Whoa! Are Numbered Wizards Cards NEXT?

In early June, I posted this article about a 2002 Finite First Class /25 that was available on ebay at the time, for $120, graded BGS 8.5. The only previous sale I saw for that card was for $155 in October of last year.

Well, I just came across this auction for another 2002 Finite First Class /25 that ended at $355!   It seems legit.  The winning bidder has over 1000 feedback, with four other bidders bidding more than the $155 high from October.  What do you think? Will Michael Jordan Wizards cards catch a hot streak as well and start rising as rapidly as the 90’s stuff?

UPDATE: JULY 24, 2011:  Check out this 2002 Pristine Gold Refractor /99 that just sold for $244.72!  For comparison, I once tracked this:

02 Pristine Gold Refractor /50 $290.00 4/08/10

The recent sale of the /99 version could possibly put the /50 version in the $500 range if once were to be available in auction during the current market.


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