Thank You and The Michael Jordan Market, According to Jan (ebayID: j.m12)

I am excited to get yet even more contributions for Hupe Royalty Jordan Edition  from yet another Michael Jordan collector, Jan from Belgium.  Jan is known as j.m12 on ebay, and I recently got acquainted with him.  He is a Michael Jordan collector/trader himself, and he recently sold his 1997 Upper Deck Game Dated (1:45,000 packs!) for an astonishing $800 on The ‘Bay.


He has been collecting data for Michael Jordan sales since 2004, for personal use.   A few days ago we began talking and he decided to share all of his data with the blog to further inform those interested in the Jordan market with past sales and trends.

It may take me a while to extract all the information and make it relevant, but I am more than excited to start exploring the data and share it with everyone here.  You can contact him at, if you are interested in buying, selling or trading Jordan cards with him.

I want to say thank you to Jan for your generosity and hope we maintain communication from here on out!

We briefly discussed the Jordan market and here are his thoughts on “The Jordan Boom,” as he put it:

Looking upon the prices, imo you start noticing a clear change in price level from (June) 2009 on, with the sale of a MJ 97-98 Rubies Team going for $2100.

The last recorded one I have was in August 2008 for $1005 which was the 98-99 version.

Definitely ‘till the end of 2008, all was normal, but sometime between early and middle of 2009, something changed that made people become more interested in MJ’s 90’s cards.

I wish i had more 2009 prices, but it’ think it’s fair enough to say that around then the MJ-‘blitz’ started…

I isolated some of the rarest ones:

The 97-98 Rubies for ex. sold in:

– February ’06 for $1225 (30of 50)   &   in September ’06 for just $620  &  in December ’06 for $698 (28of50)

– March ’07 for $1009 (?1of50)

– February ’08 for $1148  &  for $810   &   in August ’08 for $1005 (98-99 version)

 – June ’09 for $2100  &  in July ’09 for $2793


The 98-99 Precious Metal Gems:

-November ’07 for $405  &  in December ’07 for $428 (45of50)


The 97-98 Z-Force Super Rave:

– In September ’06 for $400 (23of50)

– In January ’08 for $751  &  in February ’08 for $562

The Flair Legacies:

– In May ’04 for $250

– In December ’06 for $428

– In December ’07 for $575

– In February ’08 for $475  &  in August ’08 for $252

– In January ’09 for $575

 [ In May 2005 a 98-99 finite spectrum 13 of 25 sold for $449

  In May 2008 a 98-99 Starquest Gold 100 of 100 sold for $316 ]

 It’s my sincere belief that the main reason why people focus so much on 90’s Jordan cards is mainly because no other (or enough) ‘creative’ card-products are being offered to collectors these days. These people are used to paying quite a sum of cash for the cards they want & when they see more of the same (numbered to 1, 5, 10, 25,…with patches o plenty) brought out, they reach back for past glory & take what they can find…

I really believe the key to be absolutely sure is to find out who’s buying ‘em for keeps!

If they’re the the young ones from the 90’s: i believe it’s genuine, because they buy from the heart, but if they’re the new generation of collectors (from 2000 ‘till now) i hold my breath, because if todays card companies choose to again explore an new, more creative, experimental card design based on todays technology, i believe the 2000-generation will have little or no problem dumping (excuse me: letting go) of their new (old) found love.

Then again, the companies probably won’t have a license to produce new jordan inserts and even if they do, the cards might feel ‘passé’*…. so who knows in the end! 😉 haha.

All i’m sayin’ is: If you can’t buy ‘em out of love, don’t buy them at all!


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