RECORD HIGH: 1997 Stadium Club Triumvirate TB1


A recent sale of this card at $359.99 blows my mind.  I did a quick peek over at old sales on my other blog, Hupe Royalty and found this info (note that I mistakenly tracked it previously as 1996, even though it is 1997):

96 Stadium Club Triumvirate $85.00 3/04/09
96 Stadium Club Triumvirate $56.55 4/01/09
96 Stadium Club Triumvirate $79.99 3/22/10
96 Stadium Club Triumvirate $34.00 3/24/10
96 Stadium Club Triumvirate $46.00 4/22/10
96 Stadium Club Triumvirate $53.89 11/21/10

The most recent sale was won by a bidder who really wanted the card, it seems.  Take a look at the bid history to see how it went from a possible $260 card to an unheard of $360!    The auction ended with 25 bids.  The winning bidder has a current rating of 751, while second place (who put in a wild $355 bid himself!) has a 403 feedback rating.

On a related note, the parallel version, the 1997 Stadium Club Triumvirate Luminator, found 1:216 packs, ended at $207 on the last auction I tracked for it back in late April.


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