Help Please.

In the post below this, I have detailed how to research and find the winning bidders for completed auctions. I would like to go back and do this for all the data that is already on this blog. For me to do all the work, it would take me a LONG time. I would probably have to devote at least 10 hours or more to do so.

I know this blog gets a decent amount of views, so if there are any willing collectors out there that would like to assist me, I would appreciate it MASSIVELY if you could apply the technique and help me get the winning bidders names.

How can you help? Well, here is what you do. Click either of these two links: numbered jordan cards and unnumbered jordan cards.  From there, pick 5 cards you want to help me with (or more if you can!)  Click on the card and you will see all the completed auctions I have so far for that particular card.  Apply the method that I showed you from the post below this, and find the winning bidders.  In some cases, the bidders will not have yet left feedback.  You can simply put “awaiting feedback”  If you can attach the final bid price/seller with the winning bidder, then email me, I can easily go back and edit the posts with the updated information.

I have already applied this to these three cards, so they can be crossed off the list.

1998 EX Dunk and Go Nuts
1996 Z Force Netrageous
1996 Flair Showcase Hot Shots

Thank you to anyone in advance for contributing, helping and otherwise making this project easier to do. I promise to give you credit and shout you out if you help me, even if it is simply for one or two cards.


4 responses to “Help Please.

  • Jun

    I’m a huge MJ collector and spend hours on eBay already. I can lend a helping hand! Email me with the details of what I need to do. Thanks!

  • Jun

    You have an email with some update info.

  • Jesus

    Hey Mike, as you already know, I still update my photobucket with screen shots with weekly MJ ebay sells, so if you need my help, I’m willing to offer it. Lately, I’ve expanded the amount of Jordan sells I keep track of.

    However, I really only update it once maybe twice a week whenever I get time.

    • hupe royalty

      hey jesus, yah, i’ve been getting avalanched with lots of information coming my way lately, as well as trying to improve the data i’ve already uploaded here. i’ll definitely keep in touch and get back to you so we can get some autograph information that you’ve been collecting onto here.

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