Seller Confirms $11K Precious Metal Gems Red /100 Sale On Hobby Kings

From hobby kings member, Ritchie, aka ebayID: 23jordanxi, the owner of the $11,000 Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gem Red /100 that was just sold.  See the highly read and commented Hobby Kings thread here.


Wow, where do I start?! That’s alot of positive and NEGATIVE opinions /comments.

I understand this is a message board where opinions and communications can be shared for discussion, but there’s a thin line when negative comments are a bit over board without proof/fact/evidence. I’m a little bothered and offended when certain members “think” or “assume” something is fake, shady, shilled, and are so quick to call it out without any type of concrete or solid evidence. I guess that’s why I’m more of a low key member these days, there’s too much negative drama and discussions going on and I would rather not participate in those conversations.

So let me set the record straight……

This was my card and my auction.

I actually showed this card in a thread of mine. It included before and after graded images. I edited that thread and removed the scans before I listed the card to avoid all the unwanted drama and attention. But I guess there’s so much positive and negative buzz going on with the final price, I felt that it would be the right thing to do and address this thread since I am the seller and a member.

For those of you that don’t know me…….I am a collector of MJ 90’s cards, Derrick Rose, and random cards that catch my eye and attention. I have been involved with some high end transactions, discussions, and or friends with some of HK’s finest members that know me or about my collection. From slobbythegreat, blackmambaexquisite, hychang, gonblott, verseone, kobe24bryant, zebrastar, 41mvp, exquisitecollector, and the deekin himself. (Sorry if I missed anyone)

In regards to the auction:

1. I am more of a buyer versus a seller. Most of my ebay transactions are mainly for purchases versus selling items

2. Of all the bidders, I recognize only 2 ebay IDs of which have either won/bid on previous items or I have won/bid on their items on past transactions. Does this make me shady, or my auction shady, or me as a seller shady for under 100 feedback???? As card collectors, I’m sure that some of us have been interested in or sold more than one item from a buyer or seller. The rest of the bids and bidders were random and from all over the world.

3. The top 3 bidders bid over 10k and all have great feedback. Some members here are able to link bidders based on other similar auctions. As for my auction, this is private information and I will not disclose it. But I can say that the winner is a collector of high end MJ inserts based on their feedback. It maybe revealed if the buyer chooses to leave feedback.

4. I just returned from a 12 hour road trip and hand delivered the card in person. I was extremely happy to find out that the winner lives 4 hours away in the state next door to me. Everything worked out smoothly. Both the buyer and seller are very happy. Most importantly, a new friendship and network has been created.

I hope that all of the info above helps or clears things up.

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