How To Figure Out Who Is Buying Michael Jordan Cards

With speculation from collectors online, questioning who is buying Michael Jordan 90’s inserts, I’ve decided to show how you personally can do some research into figuring out how to identify winning bidders.

If you copy and paste that search string, it will bring up the most recent 200 items that a seller has sold. The only thing that you need to do is change out the “xxxxxxxx” and replace it with the seller you want to do research on.

So, that would require you to previously save the exact auction you want to research, or at the very least, know the exact name of the seller you are researching. In most cases, feedback from a buyer is left within a few days, if not a few weeks. In some instances, feedback is not left or it left within 90 days. I think 90 days it he limit to leave feedback. Either way, the search string above will help you figure out who bought a card, especially if it it was purchased through a Buy It Now or Best Offer.

So now that you can do that, here is the way to link the person’s masked ebay ID to their ebay name. In this example, I will use a random ebay seller to show you how. Ebay sellerID: cavaliercards

So, take that search string:

If you look at his second most recent sale, you will see that person named blat3293 won a Rogers Hornsby card. Click on View Item to the right, bringing up the completed auction. Now click on the bid history. The winning bidder, you know is blat3293. Now you also see his masked ebay ID. Save this, for whatever purpose you would like to use it to continue other research.


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