RECORD HIGH: 1998 Ionix Warp Zone

Today, a Hupe Royalty high for an ungraded Michael Jordan 1998 Ionix Warp Zone was reached at $212.50. The seller, ajbm, was recently highlighted by me a few posts below, for possibly having a shill bidder take part in his auctions. Sure enough, that same bidder, a***0 took part in this auction again, without winning. Take a look at the bid history.

The winning bidder 0***9 has a feedback rating of 373, while the second and third place bidders have over 400 and 800 feedback rating. 11 different bidders place 17 bids.

The previous high mark on Hupe Royalty JE for an ungraded copy was $177.50 on May 29, by seller sil15. Coincidentally, sil15 has been noted of asking his previous winners to bid up his current auctions, by rudygayexquisite of Hobby Kings.

Also, while searching Google, I found an old auction for a $300 BGS 9.5 version that was hit with a BIN in June. That amount is also a Hupe Royalty JE high mark for a graded card. The previous high was $207.50 for a PSA 10 on June 16 2011, from seller cal2308.


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