Michael Jordan Autographics – What Could Have Been

A few years ago, when Upper Deck acquired the Fleer/Skybox brand, they made “Missing Links” cards for Michael Jordan. These included a few Autographics cards that mimicked the design from the ground-breaking 1996 set and the 1999 set. They should have been some of the most sought after Michael Jordan post-90’s autographs. However, Upper Deck botched it. For whatever reason, they optioned to utilize STICKERS! instead of having MJ sign directly on the cards. Needless to say, these cards are valued along the lines of most of the sticker Jordan autographs produced during that period.

Fortunately for Jordan fans, Jesus (hobbykingsID, sportcardsforumID: jeebus86) created some stunning renditions of how he think the cards should have looked like. I have to say, these are superb and make Upper Deck’s versions look horrible. Thumbs up to Jesus for his excellent Photoshop skills!

Read what collectors on Hobby Kings, and Sports Card Forum are saying about his work.


One response to “Michael Jordan Autographics – What Could Have Been

  • vincent

    I kind of like the sticker on the card. It brings a holographic look and ensures the card is in mint condition coming out of the pack. On card auto may not have come out as cleer due to the glossy finish. I think the sticker makes the card!

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