RECORD HIGH: 1997 Topps Chrome Shooting Stars Refractor

At this rate, there won’t be a 90’s Michael Jordan insert you can touch for less than $100.

Seriously. Well, maybe. It seems ridiculous to say, but the latest auction that caught my eye was for a 1997 Topps Chrome Shooting Stars Refractor. This card was trading around $15-$30 for the longest time and I’ve never bothered to record any sales, but I’ve noticed it before.

The most recent auction ended at a crazy $77, from seller bigboydsportscards3, a noted Michael Jordan insert seller. There hasn’t been another copy auctioned in the precious two weeks, so that could have contributed to the bidding war that ended up with a record high price for this particular auction. It looks legit; a battle betwen a bidder with 58 feedback and the winning bidder, with 106 feedback. Needles to say, I think I should keep my eye on all these once idle inserts that are approaching $50, $60 and more lately.

Then again, it is possible that this sale is an anomaly and prices will revert back to under $40 in the next few auctions. But if prices continue to escalate, this would serve as the catalyst. Stay tuned.

Here are some previous sales that I was able to pull up with a Google Search:

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