When Did the 90’s Inserts Revival Begin?

I’m doing a little bit of surfing on the net tonight, looking up older screen caps of Michael Jordan sales on ebay. It has taken me to some discoveries that I’ve been posting tonight.

One neat revelation that I’ve come across was a thread started by Aadam of Hobby Kings on November 23, 2008. The thread is called Are 90’s inserts the future of the hobby?

That, along with an epic thread started by Hupe Royalty #1Hater, Gio, called NOOOOOOO! I got outbid 😦 Super RARE Iverson from 90’s which was started November 16, 2009 are two threads that I think were catalysts to the current 90’s inserts and Michael Jordan inserts revival. Hopefully I can find more threads from the past that can help determine when The Revival gained momentum to what it is today.


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