Updates and Changes to the Blog, News and Notes

What do you think of the new changes/additions to the blog?

If you look on the right sidebar, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the images to the links to the various places around here. I’m trying to make it more uniform and I think the black boxes help with that. Hopefully, it makes it easier to navigate to the places you want to go. I like the new look.

The two lists on the sidebar under HOT TOPICS are still works in progress, but I’m hoping to add Top 10 lists of various types of Michael Jordan cards. It will be various cards from autographs to base to inserts. This is still a work in progress.

Daveduffield from Hobbykings has offered to provide some of his excellent data analysis on various aspects of the Jordan market. Look for his posts to be coming soon!

The interview section has been added, to spotlight various Michael Jordan collectors. The first interview with Henry aka Hychange5 from Hobbykings has already been conducted. Scroll down to see his answers to the 23 QUESTIONS I posed to him.

The Hupe Royalty Message Board is up to 29 members and well, I’ve gotten in trouble with a few mods from different message boards, so I won’t be PM’ing anyone to join anymore. If you are a regular visitor to this blog, I hope you register on the Hupe Royalty Message Board.

I’ve spent a few hours today adding to the HIGHEST UNGRADED/GRADED PRICES on some of the unnumbered inserts. Hopefully, I finish that tomorrow. Then I’ll begin to do the same with the numbered inserts.

As always, ideas are welcome. If you would like to provide feedback and provide something that you think would be good for the blog, email me at huperoyalty@gmail.com


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