Michael Jordan Fleer Traditions Classic ’61 /61, Five Months Later

In early January of this year, I noted a Michael Jordan 1998 Fleer Traditions Classic ’61 /61 that was graded PSA 9 sold for $350 on a Buy It Now. IMO, that was pretty good steal for whoever picked it up. The funny thing is, some people on Hobby Kings who aren’t as aware of it because it isn’t discussed often, thought that price was fairly accurate of the market value.

Well, I think one or two have since shown up, each going for over $1000.

In two days, there is one on ebay that is set to end. It is currently at $1,800+ and is being sold by ebayID: griffanfan32. It is not unreasonable to think this card will end over $2,000 and possibly hit over $2,500. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: With 16 hours remaining until it ends, it has already hit $2,500. My initial estimate is enormously low. Now, my second guess is, an absurd $3,600. I’m curious how absurd that is going to look 16.5 from now.


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