Developing Story: hairyangryfella and rondo4mvp9

Yet another story is breaking on Blow Out Cards with ebay, possible scammers and high end Jordan cards. This time it involves a high end Michael Jordan/LeBron James Exquisite autographed card that was sold for $800.

Also, follow the story and read how collectors are reacting to it on Hobby Kings about this.

(sportcardforumID: hairyangryfella) wrote about his ebay transaction with (ebayID: rondo4mvp9):

“rondo4mvp9 – sent me a Demarre Carroll Crown Royale RC auto instead of this $800 Jordan/Lebron –
06-07 Exquisite Michael Jordan Lebron James Auto # 4/10 | eBay
He had already given me the run-around by saying he’d addressed the first package wrong and it had been returned to him (though only when I asked where it was) and then he said he’d sent this, only to sent me something bogus. I knew I should have filmed me opening it but my battery was low. I did take some pics though.
Update – immediately after me opening the case and sending him a message he replied asking what I was talking about. Now, not long after opening the case I get a message “The seller asked us to review this case and make a final decision” – is that good or bad? I’m thinking bad because it doesn’t give me time to provide more details/photos…”


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