Amy (Bond_Girl) Speaks on Oz Card Trader

This is a follow up post to the Jordan23/wegotstoc99 post from yesterday.

Follow the thread on Oz Card Trader.

“Hi, This is Bond_girl (Amy)
I am the one who posted the auction. I have been reading everyones reply.
I am a bit dissapointed to read the things on the forum..
This theft happened to me and my husband over 8 months ago now and i have stayed quiet up until now.
The only reason i decided to come out with it now, was because i found out the same thing happended to JRSMITH_23 only today.
I don’t want WEGOTSTOCK99 to do this to anyone anymore especially collectors from Australia
Just to clarify a few things.
Bond_girl and Jordan_patch23 are mine and my husbands account.
Today was the only day i have spoken to JRSMITH23 , i have never dealt with this person Ray before today.. So please don’t accuse us 3 as being all one person because we are not.
the attention should be on wegotstock99 not on me or my husband who have been truly hurt from the GREED of one person.
I am not aware of JRSMITH’s reputation, but as far as bond_girl and jordan_patch23 we have never had a problem with anyone hence our 100% feedback.
I have evidence of the case and would appreciate if you guys can support me and my partner!!

Kind Regards Amy”


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