Powerbuyer23, Deceptive Seller Feedback Ratings, Ebay Rules and International Sellers

The following email was brought to my attention this afternoon regarding ebay seller Powerbuyer23, a recognized seller of high end Michael Jordan cards. I have removed the identify of the person who sent me this email. The email is regarding negative feedback that this buyer left for a transaction between the two of them. Per the eBay customer support, it states that Hong Kong local laws prevent individuals speaking out against local business. With this rule in place, ebay sellers registered with ebay Hong Kong can essentially have ANY negative feedback left on their account removed, by law. Unfortunately for ebay buyers, this can lead to a somewhat deceptive feedback rating for Hong Kong seller. Not to say that Powerbuyer23 is absolutely at fault for this particular transaction.

However, if he does not feel like he wants a blemish on his feedback rating, there is nothing to stop him (or any Hong Kong seller) from easily maintaining a spotless record. Be aware that any time you purchase from Hong Kong, that the feedback rating of the seller you are buying from may not be an actual representation of all his transactions with buyers.

UPDATE: This part is pure commentary, my opinion, not factual. It has long been speculated on various boards that Powerbuyer23 is involved in shilling his auctions. While I don’t know how to confirm/deny that, the fact that he can remove negatives leaves open the very real possibility than his auctions are not all on the up and up. If he or any Hong Kong seller has no worries about their account being suspended or deleted, there isn’t anything preventing them from doing so. Whereas US ebay sellers are deterred by punishment if caught shilling, the same doesn’t seem to apply to Hong Kong sellers.

Read about collectors’ reactions to this on threads I’ve posted about it on Hobby Kings, Sports Card Forum, Beckett, Oz Card Trader, and Basket-Cards.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: eBay Customer Support – cswebhelp
To: xx@xxx.com
Sent: xxx, xxx 8:59 PM
Subject: The removal of the feedback left for powerbuyer23

Dear xxx,

Thank you for calling in about the negative feedback that you left for
powerbuyer23 that was removed. I tried to call you at the number
registered on your account, unfortunately I was unable to reach you over the phone. I found out why the feedback was removed from this sellers account.

Normally on eBay we would not be able to remove a negative feedback
like the one you left for your seller. You are entitled to your opinion of the transaction, and I could not find anything wrong with the comment that you had left for the seller. In the US we do have quite a bit of leeway with what you can say in the feedback as a public forum. Since eBay is an international company we must comply with laws set by local governments. In this case with the seller being registered on the eBay Hong Kong site and the laws in their country governing public speech the feedback that you had left was removed.

I know this is frustrating for you, I realized that you had a bad
transaction with the seller. We also use the case that you had closed
against them to determine their seller performance.

If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reply to this
email and let us know.

Clay C.

eBay Customer Support


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