One Card. Three Sales. Three Stories.

Amazingly, three separate sales of Michael Jordan’s 1998 SKybox Premium Rbies /50 have occurred this month. All three have vastly different end prices with unique stories attached to each.

Click here to see the auction info on all three sales.

Story 1:
On the day that the Mavericks won the NBA Finals, June 12th, someone put this card up on ebay with a Buy It Now price of $650. Someone quickly swooped on it, within minutes of the card listing on ebay. I happened to also see that and, between the adrenaline of the Finals ending and Dirk winning, and the cheap price, I posted a thread on Hobby Kings about what a great steal that card was. Soon enough Rod (hobbykingsID: nismo68) claimed the happiness of getting such a great deal the card. Others chimed in, with their congratulatory and jealous quips. Within a day, if less, Rod notified the boards that the seller backed out and would not shipped the card to him. Either someone contacted the seller and offered him a higher price or the seller realized his error and decided not to ship the card out. I felt horrible and PM’d Rod, if I was in anyway involved in the seller’s decision to not honor the Buy It Now price. Rod stuck the seller with a negative, but I’m sure that was of small importance.

Story #2:
This card popped up yet again on June 25th. There was an ongoing auction that started a few days earlier that was already at $4,000 with more than a day to go. Oddly, the seller accepted an offer for $2,800. Either he didn’t see the other auction or wanted the money immediately or didn’t think his card would garner near $4,000 if he let the auction ride out. A few board members found that strange and mentioned that they made offers on his other high end cards, only see see him accept offers from others for lesser money.

Story #3:
The card just ended tonight. It comes from a well known ebay seller of Michael Jordan inserts. The card was listed in such a manner that it could lead a potential buyer to believe the card is numbered 23/50 when it is actually card number 23 in the set. Yes it is numbered out of fifty, but the “#23 /50” in the title could lead to an upset buyer, if that buyer wasn’t paying attention to the details. The card is actually number 24/50 and it ended at a mind blowing $5,901.99.

Michael Jordan collector, Henry (hobbykingsID: hychang5) owns the actual version numbered 23/50.


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