Non-equals in condition. Equal in price?

Example 1:

Example 2:

Do you consider these two specimens of Michael Jordan’s 1998 Metal Championship Precious Metal Gems /50 equal in grade? No I’m not talking professionally graded, but in eye appeal – before encasing cards in plastic was a profitable business for companies. From what I can see, the second specimen has a flaws along the entire bottom edge of the card. Of course, ideally, both cards would have multiple angles and scans to show more detail, but if we were to just go by these images alone, would they deserve to sell for the same price?
Personally, I don’t think so. The first example recently sold for over $8,000 while the second one is currently available for the next few days to bid on currently at $500. Will it reach $8,000? SHOULD it reach $8,000?

The rarity of the card alone will drive demand on this card, for certain, but I think the condition, which the seller acknowledges, will prevent it from reaching the heights of the previous auction.


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