Two rare stunners, 3K in sales.

The high-end, low numbered 90’s inserts of Michael Jordan continue to surge and a pair of beauties recently ended at over $1,000 and $2,000.

The first was a BGS 8 1998 SPX Finite Spectrum Final Edition /25 which ended on June 19th, from seller kobes_for_sale. This seller is a known dealer of Jordan high end cards, and the sale looks pretty legit at $2,729.99 from a buyer of 179 feedback.

I have never previously tracked a sale on this card, though I am told from clipperboy24 of Hobby Kings that Burbank had an ungraded one at about $1,600 available. It may have since been sold.

I don’t know if kobes_for_sale is a person I’ve talked to on basketball message boards, but I am currently in the process of emailing several Jordan sellers if they would be open to providing me their names, message board names and email addresses so that I can add them to my “WHO IS WHO” Michael Jordan list. I hope to share a little more info about who this seller is.

The second card is from another known Jordan seller, sil15. The card is a 1999 Upper Deck Now Showing /25. Again, I have never tracked a sale of this card until this one. It ended on a best offer at $1,075.00.

Be aware though, that on Hobby Kings, rudygayexquisite has mentioned that this seller has previously asked his previous buyers to bid on his current auctions, which raises questions about the credibility of all his auction and best offers.

I hope both sales are legitimate, as this would give me the first information I’ve had regarding these two rare cards, ever.


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